And now, a few words from my sponsors...

"I think the world of Mark. He’s one of the most talented (and nicest) people you’ll meet. I had given Mark the challenge of redesigning our dusty old brand. My expectations were very high. And Mark easily exceeded them. I often receive unsolicited comments from clients who admire our look. This is all a tribute to Mark’s fine talents. I would highly recommend him for any project you might be considering."
          —Jim Bendt, CEO/Owner, Pique Travel Design

"Mark is a life saver. He’s come to my rescue many times on projects that seemed impossible to accomplish. He does whatever it takes to get the job done and accepts it as just a normal day at the office. Mark’s one of those guys you look forward to working with because he makes it so easy."
         —Kat Dalager, Director of Project Operations, Lifetime Fitness

"Mark’s work has drawn enthusiastic praise from board members, staff and the public. He’s the benchmark of what we’re looking for in a designer. His work has truly made our image in the community both memorable and engaging. He’s quick, responsive and a consummate professional."
         —Jenna Zark, Director of Communications, Augustana Care

"Mark is a pleasure with which to work and is a unique resource. He’s one of the few who can participate in, and translate strategic marketing thinking to both graphic design and copy development. He’s clever, creative and efficient and consistently hits the mark soon out of the gate. Mark injects a valuable perspective in the creative process and reliably produces creative and messaging that gets results."
         —Fred Driver, Partner, d.trio marketing group

"For over ten years, Mark has been my go-to for creative direction, design and copy. He readily grasps strategy, and intuitively elevates projects from general concept to an exceptional product. Mark eloquently adapts client suggestions—allowing everyone to be a part of the artistic process—while never compromising the creative outcome. I always know that Mark will deliver—on time, on budget—and like no one else. I am grateful to work with him."
         —Mary Kay Ziniewicz, CEO, Horse's Mouth Creative

"As a freelance marketing resource, it is critical to my business that I am able to rely on quality partners. Mark has consistently produced high-level work in both design AND copywriting. In my experience, it is exceptionally rare to find one individual who can provide both services without compromising either one. I have always found Mark to be reliable, professional, and very responsive to deadlines—even those that are uncomfortably tight! Mark is collaborative and receptive to input, and always delivers multiple options for consideration."
         —Jackie Anderson, Independent Marketing Consultant

"Mark has, with great enthusiasm, provided a creative spark on a number of overwhelming advertising projects. It has been nothing but smooth sailing collaborating with Mark on these challenging assignments. I have complete confidence in Mark’s creative direction and writing skills. My only regret is that we don’t have him in the office often enough."
         —Hank Doster, Creative Director, Integrated Advertising Network

"Mark is that rare art director who’s also a writer, and a designer, and a strategist. What’s more, he does it all well."
         —Tom Gabriel, CEO/Creative Director, Gabriel deGrood Bendt

"Mark possesses a unique talent not often found in a writer or designer—he can do both—and he does them both extremely well. Most importantly, he understands goals, objectives and timelines, and can write compelling, interesting, engaging copy that reaches the intended audience. Mark is also personable and professional and enjoyable to work with." 
       —Maureen Dyvig, Partner, d.trio marketing group

"Mark is the ideal mix of strategic and creative thinking. He’s a problem-solver whose client’s best interests always come first. He’s also got the talent to produce lots of creative ideas. I don’t mean repurposed thoughts; I mean lots of original, on-strategy ideas. Most importantly, he knows how to translate his creativity into powerful communications that bring results."
         —Scott Kuehl, President/CEO, Nor-Son, Inc.

"Mark is a joy to work with. His thoughtful nature makes every project better as he asks great questions so that he can do the best work for his clients. He’s reliable, professional and understands and works within deadlines, which is key in the agency business. In addition, his talent crosses over the usual boundaries of copy writing and design. He’s talented at both crafts, which makes him highly versatile."
         —Megan Devine, Partner, d.trio marketing group